1.Use Model DQL-7 is for measuring azimuth, distance, slope, height and mileage. The instrument can also be used to measure the simple map. There's some luminous powder on the instrument's suitable parts for using it at night. 2.Structure The i...
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  • What is gluing of optical lens?

    What is gluing of optical lens?

    An optical lens is usually a lens group composed of several lenses. How do the lenses connected together? This issue will introduce the gluing process of optical lens and learn its function in the lens manufacturing process. Definition of gluin...
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  • G1600 Digital Microscope Instructions

    G1600 Digital Microscope Instructions

    Main parameters: 1: Pixel: HD 12 megapixel 2: Display screen: 9-inch HD LCD display. 3: Magnification: 1-1600 × continuous amplification system. 4: Distance between object: 10MM to infinity (different distance...
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  • Optical Lens

    Optical Lens

    Optical lens is the lens made of optical glass. The definition of optical glass is the glass with uniform optical properties and specific requirements for optical properties such as refractive index, dispersion, transmittance, spectral transmittance and light absorption. Glass that can change th...
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    They are also named desktop magnifying glass, or desktop magnifier with lamp, it is a magnifier shaped like a table lamp. There are two kinds: desktop magnifier with lamp is a desktop magnifier with complete functions. Those withou...
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  • What is Money detector banknote detector? How to identificate Counterfeiting technology?

    What is Money detector banknote detector? How to identificate Counterfeiting technology?

    Banknote detector is a kind of machine to verify the authenticity of banknotes and count the number of banknotes. Due to the large scale of cash circulation and the heavy work of cash processing at the bank cashier counter, the cash counter has become an indispensable equipment.With the developme...
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  • Introduction to hand held microscope mini microscope

    Introduction to hand held microscope mini microscope

    Hand held microscope is also called portable microscope. As its name suggests, it is a small and portable micro microscope product. It is a high-tech product successfully developed by perfectly combining elite optical microscope technology, advanced photoelectric conversion technology and liquid ...
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  • Introduction to magnifying glass,magnifier

    Introduction to magnifying glass,magnifier

    If you are curious about what a magnifying glass is, please read the following: Magnifying glass is a simple visual optical device used to observe small details of an object. It is a convergent lens with a focal length much smaller than the bright distance of the eye. The size of an object imaged...
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  • How to increase the service life of optical glass lens?

    How to increase the service life of optical glass lens?

    Optical glass has generally entered our lives, but how many people know how to protect her and clean it? Make it last longer and more durable? Keeping the optical glass lens often clean will increase the life of the optical glass lens. Because pollution will cause many problems with the lens, the...
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  • Analyze And Explain Optical Prisms

    Analyze And Explain Optical Prisms

    In optical devices, a piece of glass or other transparent material cut at a precise angle and plane can be used to analyze and reflect light. When light moves from one medium to another, the speed changes, the path of the light is bent, and part of the light is reflected. Sometimes only the surfa...
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