wide angle sports DV camera lens

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digital products, such as sports DV, aerial photo, panorama camera, recorder for law enforcement, AR/VR etc; and industrial products, such as smart iris recognition for machine, scanner, laser instruments and instruments widely used in optical field

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wide-angle lens:

Taking a 35mm single lens reflex camera as an example, a wide-angle lens usually refers to a lens with a focal length of about 17 to 35mm.

The basic feature of wide-angle lens is that the lens has a large angle of view and a wide field of vision. The range of scenery observed from a certain viewpoint is much larger than that seen by human eyes at the same viewpoint; The depth of the scene is long, which can show a considerable clear range; It can emphasize the perspective effect of the picture, be good at exaggerating the prospect and expressing the sense of distance and proximity of the scene, which is conducive to enhancing the appeal of the picture.


Basic characteristics of wide-angle lens:

1. Wide viewing angle, which can cover a wide range of scenery. The so-called large viewing angle range means that the same viewing point (the distance from the subject remains unchanged) is shot with three different focal lengths of wide-angle, standard and telephoto. As a result, the former takes more scenes up, down, left and right than the latter. When the photographer has no way out, if it is difficult to take a complete picture of the scene with a 50mm standard lens (such as collective photos of characters, etc.), he can easily solve the problem by using the characteristics of wide-angle lens with a wide range of viewing angles. In addition, for example, shooting vast fields or tall buildings in cities may only capture part of the scene with a standard lens, which cannot show the breadth or height of the scene. Shooting with a wide-angle lens can effectively show the open momentum of the big scene or the majesty of the buildings towering into the clouds.

2. Short focal length and long scene depth. When shooting broad scenes, photographers generally rely on the characteristics of short focal length of wide-angle lens and long depth of the scene to bring the whole scene from near to far into the scope of clear performance. In addition, when shooting with a wide-angle lens, if a smaller aperture is used at the same time, the depth of field of the scene will become longer. For example, when a photographer uses a 28mm wide-angle lens to shoot, the focus is on the subject about 3M, and the aperture is set to F8, then almost all of them enter the depth of field from 1m to infinity. It is precisely because of the characteristics of this long depth of field that wide-angle lens is often used by photographers as a quick shot lens with strong mobility. In some cases, photographers can complete capture very quickly without focusing on the subject.

3. Be able to emphasize the prospect and highlight the comparison between far and near. This is another important performance of wide-angle lens. The so-called emphasis on the foreground and highlighting the contrast between far and near means that the wide-angle lens can emphasize the contrast between near, far and small more than other lenses. In other words, photos taken with a wide-angle lens have larger things near and smaller things far away, which makes people feel that they have opened the distance and produce a strong perspective effect in the direction of depth. Especially when shooting with ultra wide-angle lens with short focal length, the effect of near large far small is particularly significant.

4. It can be exaggerated and deformed. Generally speaking, the subject is exaggerated and deformed, which is a big taboo in the use of wide-angle lens. In fact, it is not necessarily undesirable for the subject to be properly exaggerated and deformed. Experienced photographers often use wide-angle lenses to moderately deform the subject and take unusual pictures of some very insignificant scenes that people turn a blind eye to. Of course, the expression of exaggeration and deformation with wide-angle lens should be based on the needs of the theme, and less and fine. No matter whether the subject matter is needed or not, it is not enough to abuse the exaggeration and deformation of wide-angle lens and blindly pursue the bizarre effect in form.

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