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8x20mm High-Definition Powerful Telescope Single Barrel 1000M Long Miniature Telescope For Hunting Sports Outdoor Camping

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Material Aluminum mirror body, ABS plastic, high-grade optical glass
Occasion Travel, Watching football games, concerts, etc.
Gender Men’s, Women’s
Product name 8x20mm HD Powerful Telescope Single Barrel
Color Silver
Size length 75x diameter 24mm thickness 36mm
MOQ 10 Pcs
Power: 8X
Lens diameter: 20m
Pcs/ carton 50pcs
Weight/carton: 18kg
Carton size: 38*35*18CM


● Seiko manufacturing Miniature high definition telescope.
● Ratio: 8 times. Caliber: 20mm.
● Object diameter: 20MM
● Field angle]: 5.5 degrees
● Kilometer horizon: 96M/1000M
● Exit pupil diameter: 2.5MM
● Exit pupil distance: 10.3MM
● Last focusing distance]: 5M
● Dimensions: length 75x diameter 24mm thickness 36mm
● Prism system: Paul prism system.
● Lens: an optical lens.
● Optical coating: FMC full wideband green film.
● Eye mask type: cover the eye mask, suitable for myopia and non – myopia.
● Function: nitrogen filling waterproof+

8x20mm HD Powerful Telescope Single Barrel 05 8x20mm HD Powerful Telescope Single Barrel 02 8x20mm HD Powerful Telescope Single Barrel 03 8x20mm HD Powerful Telescope Single Barrel 04


● 1 x 8×20 Monocular Telescope
● 1 x Cleaning Cloth
● 1 x Sling+ Storage Package

Telescope Purchase and maintenance:

1. Ensure that the telescope is stored in a ventilated, dry and clean place to prevent mildew. If possible, put desiccant around the telescope and replace it frequently.

2. The residual dirty spots or stains on the lens should be gently wiped with a professional mirror wiping cloth to avoid scratching the mirror. If it is necessary to clean the mirror, use absorbent cotton to take a little alcohol, wipe it from the center of the mirror in one direction to the edge of the mirror, and constantly replace the absorbent cotton ball until it is clean.

3. The telescope is a precision instrument. Do not fall, press or do other violent actions on the telescope.

4. Non professional personnel shall not attempt to disassemble the telescope and clean the interior of the telescope by themselves.

5. Do not collide with sharp objects, such as nails, needles, etc.

6. Pay attention to moisture-proof and waterproof when using telescope. As a kind of precision instrument, telescope should not be used in bad conditions.

Selective purchasing:

1. Optical quality and lightweight appearance are often contradictory. If you want both, you need to greatly increase the budget.

2. Each type of telescope has a specific environment suitable for its use in order to achieve perfect results. No telescope is omnipotent.

3. The volume of roof prism telescope is the smallest among the telescopes of the same specification, but its optical quality is often not as good as that of Porro prism telescope.

4. The price of the telescope depends on many external factors, such as cost, profit, market strategy, etc., and has little to do with the multiple of the telescope.

5. The imaging effect of telescope depends on many factors, and multiple is only one of many factors. It is not advisable to blindly pursue multiple.

6. The possibility of fake military telescopes is very high. Regular military telescopes are basically black and expensive.

7. Do not buy binoculars with large-scale magnification. There are many problems, such as small field of view, serious imaging distortion, easy optical axis offset and so on.

8. You should know that the price is equal to the goods. The actual effect of telescopes with the same specifications and parameters may vary greatly. Of course, the price will also vary thousands of miles.

9. Try not to buy a red film telescope. It is only suitable for high reflection environments such as ice and snow. In general, the imaging is dim and the color deviation is serious.

10. There has never been any infrared night vision telescope, but some telescopes, such as 7×50, work well in low light environment!

11. Telescope selection should refer to third-party websites and evaluation experience articles as much as possible, which can reflect the advantages, disadvantages and characteristics of the telescope to the greatest extent.


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