How to increase the service life of optical glass lens?

Optical glass has generally entered our lives, but how many people know how to protect her and clean it? Make it last longer and more durable?

Keeping the optical glass lens often clean will increase the life of the optical glass lens. Because pollution will cause many problems with the lens, the uneven distribution of laser power during reflection makes the lens base temperature high and the marginal temperature low. This change is called the lens effect in the optics.

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Failure to comply with the requirements and precautions for lens finishing, and random handling will cause new pollution and even scratch the optical glass sheet, resulting in unnecessary losses. Usually, you should be careful not to let the mirror directly touch the hard objects. When scrubbing, it is best to clean it with water (or a small amount of detergent), and then use a special test cloth or excellent tissue paper to absorb the water droplets on the spectacle lens. If the lens is not scratched, it can be used longer.

The lens is processed by high temperature or ultraviolet curing of liquefied monomers. As the use cycle becomes longer, the environment and temperature change, the film layer on the lens surface and the material of the lens itself will change, resulting in light scattering, reduced comfort, and use time There will always be dry and swollen eyes. At this time, it is necessary to replace the optical glass sheet.

In daily work, keep the magnifying glass clean and wipe it with a soft cloth to prevent cleaning the magnifying glass with corrosive cleaners or hard objects to prevent scratches.

Precautions :1. Do not expose the magnifying glass directly to the sun and do not use your eyes to focus to avoid burning your eyes. 2. Don’t place flammable objects under the focus when the sun is in direct sunlight.

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