Introduction to hand held microscope mini microscope

Hand held microscope is also called portable microscope. As its name suggests, it is a small and portable micro microscope product. It is a high-tech product successfully developed by perfectly combining elite optical microscope technology, advanced photoelectric conversion technology and liquid crystal screen technology. The physical image seen by the microscope can be imaged on the screen or computer of the microscope through digital to analog conversion. Thus, we can study the micro field from the traditional ordinary eyes and reproduce it on the display, so as to improve the work efficiency. Compared with the traditional optical microscope, it can provide a perfect solution to make the detection work on-site and efficient.

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First, it is small and easy to carry. It is especially suitable for mobile detection and on-site detection. Its size and weight are only 1 / 10 of that of ordinary optical microscope, breaking through the limitations of the use space of traditional microscope.

Second, the observed object can directly display the microscopically enlarged image on the screen, which is convenient for observation. Moreover, it can take pictures, video and record the detection data in real time, which greatly improves the detection efficiency.

Third, in the micro image software processing, the image adjustment functions such as reverse color, black and white, inversion and contrast can be realized according to the use requirements. At the same time, the data measurement (length, angle, diameter, etc.) of the micro image can also be carried out, with the highest accuracy of 0.001mm.

Fourth, the hand-held microscope can be connected with a variety of display devices (TV, computer and projection), which is convenient for many people to share, discuss and digital teaching at the same time.

Fifth, provide a variety of power supply options, including computer USB power supply, dry battery power supply and lithium battery power supply, so as to truly realize on-site detection anytime, anywhere!

Sixth, according to the different observation objects and use environments, a variety of light sources (fluorescence, infrared, etc.) can be provided to meet the use needs to the greatest extent!

Scope of application:
1、 R & D, manufacturing and quality control testing: electronic manufacturing, integrated circuit, semiconductor, optoelectronics, SMT, PCB, TFT-LCD, connector manufacturing, cable, optical fiber, micro motor industry, machinery industry, automobile industry, aerospace industry, shipbuilding industry, steel profile industry, abrasive tool industry, precision machinery industry, liquid crystal testing, electroplating industry, military industry, Pipeline crack detection, metal material, composite material, plastic industry, glass ceramic material, printing image, paper industry, LED manufacturing industry, clock gear detection, textile fiber garment industry, leather resin inspection, welding and cutting inspection, dust detection.

2、 Scientific identification: criminal identification and evidence collection, document identification, pest control, counterfeit banknote identification, jewelry identification, calligraphy and painting identification, and cultural relics restoration.

3、 Medical uses: laser beauty, skin examination, hair examination, dental examination, ear examination.

4、 Academic research: scientific research institutions, agricultural and forestry research, digital teaching.

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Post time: Oct-20-2021